Why Himozo?

As a startup, you are past the early-stage challenges and stand with a team, a product/services, and a bit of sales traction.

Now you’re looking to grow – and there are several necessary steps founding leaders must take to prepare for this stage of the journey—The Growth.


The growth phase comes with differing demands, milestones and expectations. At this stage, investors will scrutinize customer acquisition costs, sales efficiency numbers, burn rate, customer lifetime value, conversion rates, churn, and revenue. Pressure to grow the sales and marketing engine maximize unit economics and revenue growth. Validate sustainably and ultimately drive profits.

As your startup evolves to take on new challenges, it is imperative to have the right skill set
in the team to steer your startup through its next stage of growth. You would need


With experience in scaling and growing companies. With specific and relevant experience in high-growth environments. With confidence and the ability to execute and drive smart strategic decisions. Who can help facilitate and guide decision-making on when, where and how to expand?

There are a lot of important decisions that come up during this period. It starts with having best-in-class people as your advisors to help navigate through scaling challenges to drive exponential growth.That’s where Himozo comes to the rescue. We get you the people (Experts) to solve your challenges (Startups), and thus unlock the growth for you.